Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stella's Fiesta

On October 8th we celebrated Stella's first birthday with a fiesta. Since the weather was horrible, we had everyone inside. It was so much fun and such a huge success! We had a lot of friends, delicious food, amazing cake, and margaritas. I'd almost venture to say those were my favorite part. Stella had so much fun playing with her friends and being the social butterfly that she is. She wasn't once overwhelmed or scared with people played with her, picked her up, or sang to her. She dove right into her cake without any hesitation and had a great time eating it. Lucy was a little jealous and pouty, but once she discovered there were also gifts for her she cheered right up. It was such a fun party and although I didn't have as much time to make decorations, everything still looked so great. 
Decorations. We had that old window pane that happened to have 12 spots perfect for her monthly photos

Monthly Photos

She wore a dress my mom brought home from Costa Rica. It was so cute and perfect!

This baby is months younger than her. There was like a day that she was bigger than him. 

Daddy had to hold her back from attacking the candle.  

Cake makes everything better!

Welcome to my party!

Opening one of her presents, a Baby Stella doll. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Stella is a Year Old!!

I I can't believe my little baby is a year old. She's such a little toddler already with the biggest personality stuffed into a tiny little body. She's fully mobile and so good at walking. I'm convinced she thinks she's a triplet with her sisters. She has no idea she's the "baby".

Climbing to the top of the big slide, just like her sisters. 

Splash pad fun 

New teeth!

first pony ride
Cake on her actual birthday. 

Birthday nap

You're getting so big and smart! You are walking all over the place and have such great balance. You love doing "laps" around the house with your sisters and giggling with them. You're using the signs "more, all done, please, eat, milk" and say "dada, mama, doggie, woof". You're understanding so much and starting to follow simple directions. You don't sit long for anything except eating. You just love food and eating. You usually eat more than your sisters at most meals. Your favorite things to eat are mandarin oranges, grapes, and you love pretty much any and all meat. You are so different from your sisters in so many ways at this age. You love, love, love those big sisters of yours. You and Lucy have such a nice bond and will hold hands and snuggle all the time. You still love pulling hair and think it's so funny. It doesn't help that Clara also thinks it's funny. You love the dogs and will pet them and snuggle with them often. Togie (our big dog) is so tolerant of you and she's just so sweet and gentle with you. You're still nursing about 5 times a day but have been biting me a lot. Sometimes it's related to teething. Other times it's just becuase you're being a little stinker! Either way, it hurts like crazy! I've been telling you no, but I'm hoping it stops soon. It's honestly driving me a little crazy and making nursing less enjoyable. You love your bath but are such a wild child it's stressful worrying about you falling face first into the water. You also like to try to drink the water whenever possible. The sleeping is okay but not great. Your napping has finally taken a turn for the better and I love that you nap most days at the same time as your sisters. It's so nice to have a little break and some down time during the day. Night time is still not great. Depending on the night, you're usually up 2-5 times. Teething doesn't do good things for your sleep. You're finally decided your lovey is a good thing to snuggle with, but when you wake at night you want to nurse in order to go back to sleep. We try not to have you in our bed because you don't sleep as well that way. Most times, Daddy puts you back in your crib after you finished eating. You're so outgoing and happy and love meeting new people and going places. Last week at music class you spent almost the whole time walking around and checking out the other people. You're so social and rarely act shy or overwhelmed by people. Having twin big sisters must have something to do with that. You have starting dancing to music and think you can jump on the trampoline. You climb up there and bounce up and down while standing up. You love being able to roam around and do you own thing, but boy do you get upset when we go against that. If we try to take away something you aren't supposed to have or move you from climbing on things or the stairs you get so upset. We recently did family pictures and you were so mad when I wouldn't let you walk into the lake. It's funny at times but can be exaspering as well. You definietly are a girl that knows what she wants! Your play skills still aren't great because you're just so busy trying to be active and three. You follow your sisters and love the play kitchen, but have just started to do in and out type play. You don't really like to sit and play with things for long. If you can carry things around you're much happier. We got you a doll stroller for your birthday and you picked out a soft pink puppy stuffed animal. We celebrated your birthday by going out to dinner and then had a fiesta themed birthday party for yo that weekend. It was so much fun and you're didn't blink an eye at all of those people. You're such a sweet and fun little girl and I can't imagine this crazy life without you in it! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer Vacation

It's hard to believe it's already fall and another summer has come and gone. Here is upstate NY the summers are so short and sweet. I love summer more than any other season and just wish it would last a little longer.

 The second week of August we took a vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We rented a house with a friend and her family. I met this friend through the local moms of multiples group and she has twin boys that are a few months older than Stella. We rented a three bedroom house in Kitty Hawk and had a fantastic week. Our friends had an awesome setup for the beach complete with a large tent and blow up kiddie pool. The house had a hot tub and in ground small pool we also enjoyed. It was a week full of tons of beach time, fun with friends, and delicious food. The girls did great on the car ride down and we had a rough hour or so on the way home. Not bad for 10 hours or so each way. On the trip down we stopped in Virginia Beach and then spent the following day at the aquarium before driving to the beach house. The trip included many firsts like smores, kite flying, shaved ice, and mini golfing. Lucy even started jumping in the pool without her float. It really was so great! 

Our friends were great and we got along with them despite only meeting the husband once before. To be honest, I know a lot of my friends husbands aren't super helpful with their kids, but it was tough to sit back and watch. It was fine for us, but I'm just glad I'm raising children with the person I am. I know different dynamics work for different people, but I know I wouldn't be happy if I were doing 90% of the work 100% of the time. It's nice to know that when W is home, everything is split at least 50/50. 

It was so nice to go somewhere different as we went to the beach in Maine the past two years. I hope we can go back another time as I have memories as a child going to the outer banks. It was so much fun and the weather was beautiful. I'm so grateful for these memories I got to make with my family. 

11 Months Old


I can't believe you're 11 months old already. Time is going so fast and it makes me so emotional to think about your first birthday. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since your birth. It's amazing to me how much you have grown and changed in this year. From a squishy little blob, to a walking and talking little girl who is full of personality and spunk. You started walking and taking a single step here and there a little before the start of the month, and then really put steps together the day after your turned eleven months old. You're saying words like doggy, uh-oh, and daddy all spontaneously and with intention. You follow simple directions some of the time, but are understanding so much. You want so badly to keep up with your sisters and will tag right along with most things they do. I'm pretty sure you're convinced you're their triplet. You've finally stopped putting everything into your mouth automatically and we can somewhat trust you in the sandbox. You love playing with the play kitchen and making a mess and have just started in and out type play. we saw the GI Dr about the potato vomiting incidents and he wasn't thrilled with your weight. He wanted me to push more pureed foods and try to add more fat to your diet. I swear, you eat just about anything and everything. I think it's your constant motion that burns so many calories. You love most foods but aren't super impressed by purees. You're finally napping more consistently and falling asleep without us having to rock you. Really pushing a "lovey" on you and encouraging you to snuggle that made a world of difference. Rather than rocking or nursing you to sleep, gently putting you down, and sneaking out of the room we are putting you down drowsy but awake and you generally roll over and snuggle your lovey before falling asleep. I wish you were sleeping through the night, but you still wake two times on average for milk. You're like Lucy in that you rarely wake in a smiley and good mood. You need some time to be grumpy and wake up. You've decided you will no longer keep headbands or bows on your head and rip them off immediately. You don't like to be told "no" or when your sisters take things away from you and you'll get very upset and cry. 
I just can't believe how soon you will be a one year old. You're definitely not my snuggly little baby any more and it makes your mama sad to see how fast you are growing. I can't wait to see all that you will do and see, but I wish it would happen at a slower rate. I think I'd keep you little forever if I could. I love you so big little girl!

Trashing her play kitchen. Always a favorite activity. 

Standing independently 

Waiting to see the pediatrician 

She looked in the mirror and said, "Teta"/Stella

Stuck in the trunk 

When your outfit matches your bed....

Sleeping with her "lovey"

Trying chocolate milk at the state fair 

So much love from her sisters